Thanksgiving pup

I am always sad whenever I am unable to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Getting dressed up and sharing a huge meal with my family was something I think I recall complaining about as a child, but as an adult, I treasure it whenever it does happen.

This year, because I couldn't make it home to New Mexico, I cooked with friends in C'Ville. And Raii, of course, needed a new, festive bandana for the occasion.

The bandana was also an excuse for me to knit with Spincycle's Dyed In The Wool — a gorgeous, unique yarn made from fiber that is dyed before it is spun. The color changes are subtle and frankly quite magical.

I used a pattern for a simple triangle shawl with a little texture along the border, and I added two button holes on one side, which I draw the other end of the shawl through to secure it around Raii's neck. 

See the project on Ravelry here.

Happy Thanksgiving!