Talking pussyhats

I regularly get emails from friends and colleagues about viral knitting phenomena. Non-knitting friends see knitting-related news and pass it along with glee: "Hey, you knit — look at this knitting thing!" I am not always thrilled with these phenomena, which often use knitting as a vehicle to represent something that isn't necessarily part of the craft for most knitters (i.e. Vaginal Knitting — not only would I be horrified to get blood (or any substance) on the yarn I lovingly select, but something about sitting alone, becoming a spectacle, and creating a non-functional object does not resonate at all with the knitting I know and love, which is about community, subtly artistry, and creating keepsakes to live in/with).

This thinking is perhaps why I am so late to jump on the pussyhat bandwagon. Knitting as performance or protest can be about anything — and particularly when it is more left-leaning or creatively thought-provoking, I'm often happy to rally behind it. But to actually participate myself? It would have to celebrate, front and center, the things I already love about the craft: community, creativity, women learning from and teaching each other, creating functional art.

Enter: The Pussyhat Project. I will admit to some initial skepticism, but after this last Saturday at the shop, when I helped at least 5 people select pink yarn and cast-on their projects, I finally became a pussyhat believer. People (of all genders) around the country are taking up knitting needles in moments of solidarity, reflection, and learning. It is nearly impossible to teach a friend to make a pussyhat without talking about the important issues the Women's March on Washington means to address, just as it is nearly impossible to learn to knit without getting some help from a friend.

I decided I wanted my pussyhat to say something, so I charted out "Nasty Woman." In case anyone else would like to make a "talking pussyhat," I charted out a couple other slogans and have posted the charts here. If you want a chart for a slogan that is not included here, just leave a comment and I will do my best to post it quickly!

In solidarity, your #nastyknittingwoman.


NOTE: The numbers are upside down so you can follow it more easily to knit on the back on your pussyhat. See chart on Stitch Fiddle.